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What Do Women Looking for Sex Look For?

It’s easy to think that women on sites like looking for sex are, of course, looking for sex and nothing more. Well, if you approach the problem this way, then you are probably going to fail. It’s obvious that they’re looking for sex. However, they are looking for something else in order to have sex. Do you get my point? Something has to happen before they get what they’re looking for.

Most guys are completely clueless regarding this. They focus primarily on the demand and that’s why they fail time and time again. If you want to break away from the pack and increase your likelihood of success with women who are ready, willing and eager to have sex with strangers, you need to listen up. You need to look at the fact that they are looking for all sorts of signs and signals for them to make a decision who they’re going to sleep with. If you’re completely clueless regarding this or you’d rather turn a blind eye to it, chances are you’re not going to meet with the kind of success that you are hoping for.

Sure, you may get laid from time to time, but that’s just blind luck. If you want to get laid on a systematic and methodical basis, you need to be able to send the right signals to the right person at the right time. This can increase your chances of success tremendously. This is what separates true players from guys who just get lucky.

The funny thing about true players and real pimps is that, for the most part, they are not much to look at. They aren’t particularly good looking. They aren’t buff or yoked out. Many don’t flaunt their cars. What they all do have in common is an inner calm and confidence that draws women like moths to a flame.