Porno Series

Black Gams That Pass For Miles


“I desire your palms have been on my gams,” says dark-hued queen, Roxy. “And I desire you have to see me deep-throat in this stiletto and my feet like a hard-on! I do know you love to observe how I deep-throat my feet and jerk my thumbs within the areas in inbetween. It makes me crazy, too. I love to get super-cute and crazy after which knead my puss with my boots and slap my nub with my feet till I jizm for you. And do not suppose that I’d ever reject you coming in all places the feet of my soles. I will be able to drool in all places my soles to get them super-cute and humid after which crinkle them up and get them prepped to take your super-steamy geyser. It perceives so great that my puss dribbles eager about it.”

Date: July 14, 2021