Porno Series

Gia Costello’s Hefty Boulder-holder Unveil


XLGirls: Gia, you reside in Fresh Orleans. Do you demonstrate your headlights for beads all over Mardi Gras?

Gia Costello: I’ve showed prior to, sure. Basically on Bourbon Side road. It is like a river of bare figure portions and alcohol! Larger beads for larger headlights!

XLGirls: What sort of issues have dudes slept with to attempt to amaze you?

Gia Costello: Basically toss cash round. I’ve been suggested some ridiculous sums to do meet ups, such a lot that you recognize they heinie’t be critical! Some studs simply faux to have loads of cash as a result of they believe it’s going to get my consideration! I had one dude actually faux to be a medic!

XLGirls: That is naughty. Do you prefer having a look in a reflect all over copulation?

Gia Costello: No, I would very likely get self-conscious. However I do love to witness myself on movie afterward!

XLGirls: Have you ever proven your pics and movies to any masculine buddies? If sure, what answer did you get?

Gia Costello: I have proven several to 2 masculine buddies. They each could not imagine it, like “Wow, who knew you had been a copulation queen!” They had been a lil’ dazed to watch me in erotica starlet mode!

XLGirls: How other are standard studs at copulation in comparison to the erotica professionls?

Gia Costello: Hmm…. Neatly, I believe all of the erotica professionls I have been with so far are precisely that, professionls! All of them know what they are doing and do it effectively! Normal studs heinie be great too, however they are both overconfident (like “Yeah, young lady luvs this!”), or underconfident and afraid to department out and attempt fresh issues! At times, now not all the time.

XLGirls: What do you love to do maximum on a unfastened night time?

Gia Costello: I both cross out for dinner and guzzles with buddies, or occasionally I really like being by myself and simply relieve, indulge myself, witness Netflix and guzzle champagne!

XLGirls: Do you may have any gfs with a figure like yours?

Gia Costello: No longer fairly. I have all the time heard them breathe and ask if I heinie donate some spare headlights to their skimpy B- or C-cups! However all of them have their very own great qualities! One has a super-sexy backside, one has lengthy gams, and so on. For those who put us all in combination you’ll have the brilliant gal!

XLGirls: What makes you giggle?

Gia Costello: I enjoy to giggle! I shaggy dog story round a pile. One in every of my dearest tips is to mention one thing ridiculous with a entirely gay-for-pay face after which witness someone else’s answer! I typically heinie’t stay a gay-for-pay face lengthy!

XLGirls: How significant is one-eyed wonder worm measurement to you? What one-eyed wonder worm measurement do you prefer?

Gia Costello: I will be able to admit, I believe it is moderately significant! I’d name myself spoiled so far as that heads. In actual existence I have had boyfriends that had been lovely well-endowed. And my practices filming with SCORE now! Flawless is a super-cute 8 inches or 9 inches with some thickness. However it isn’t a deal breaker if he is not that thick, he simply has to display me he heinie use it effectively!

XLGirls: What is your dearest pose for breast banging?

Gia Costello: Most likely on my again, with my head suspending off the sofa so they are additional bubble!

XLGirls: Thanks, Gia Costello.

Date: August 13, 2021