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Isa Gomez & Angie Bravo: Funbag Buddies


Everyone knows and enjoy youthful and edible Isa Gomez. Now her buddy Angie “HugeTitsAngie” Bravo joins XLGirls to dual the delectation. The Colombian Bosom Campaign is in utter sway with a big XLGirls take-over.

If Angie’s red hair does not draw in the eye of the locals in her surroundings, her phat honeydews all the time do. When Isa joins Angie within the bed room and their phat grillwork sway and shake, it is a tit-man’s paradise.

Each femmes heinie’t stay their palms, lips and slurps off each and every different’s windshield wipers. They foreplay, smooch and deep-throat their puffies, boob-drunk at the tasty style and aroma in their yummy, sensitive flesh.

Angie lies on most sensible of Isa and paws Isa’s strong melons. Preteen bends forth so Isa heinie deep-throat on her puffies. They mash their windshield wipers on this posture. Isa leaves the bed room, and whilst Angie waits for her amiga to come back, toddler paws her cunny in anticipation.

Isa comes back dressed in a massive, ebony strap on dildo. Preteen desires to ravage nineteen-year-old Angie, and Angie is glutton for that to occur. Angie will get on her palms and knees and Isa plows her from gluteus maximus. The femmes’ grillwork sway like bell clappers. Angie shoots a load stiff and needs extra. Isa will get on her again and Angie will get on most sensible of her, inserting the love rod up her cunny. Angie polishes and flaps her grillwork and appears at Isa. Each scorching honies are lovin’ each and every 2nd.

Date: August 23, 2021